Saturday, September 29, 2012

Life Upgrades!

Hello People!

Ubisoft's Prince of Persia Warrior Within still stays one if the best PC Games I've ever played. The story-line of the game, the characters, the environment and the breath-taking moves are among a few plus points of this awesome game.

The most interesting fact of this is that it has 2 endings! Yes! You need to acquire all 9 Life Upgrades hidden in and around the Castle to meet the Dahaka in your last encounter failing which, you have no choice but to fight with Kaileena, defeat her and take her back with you! Awkward? Indeed..!

Anyways, after being through all the Life Upgrades, you will also gain the Water Sword - The most mysterious and powerful weapon in the game. It is believed that its only the Water Sword that can help you beat the Dahaka and the key to it is of course, given below.

Life Upgrade 1 (Past)

This upgrade could be a bit difficult if you miss it the first time so read this carefully!

This upgrade is in the Sacrificial Chamber and ideally, you would want to take it right after defeating Shahdee (the girl in black) and rescuing Kaileena. Watch the cut scene that follows. Now walk up the stairs. There's a large Altar. Walk to it and press the Block button. The prince will be able to grab it. Pull it back and a door behind the Altar will open. Walk through the door and through all the obstacles - and there it is! Your First Life Upgrade!

Life Upgrade 2 (Past)

You want to have the "Slow Time" power to gain this one.

This upgrade is located in the Courtyard right before entering the Central Hall. When you walk to the stairs, there are a couple of drums and a switch behind them. Stand on the Switch, Activate Slow Time and climb the stairs. You can crawl through a mini cage-like opening next to the switch (this will open the door on the wall next to it and should not be confused with the way to the upgrade portal) on the wall and there lies the Second Upgrade.

You can get this one anytime!

Life Upgrade 3 (Past)

This upgrade can be accessed once you get the Serpent Sword.

Use the sword to unlock the Turnstile Switch. Rotate the switch at 12 o' Clock as in the image below. You will see a gate at the bottom. You can jump from rock to rock to go down and to the door. Third Life Upgrade is located just behind that door after crossing the obstacles. Way back up is just similar.

This upgrade can also be acquired any time!

Life Upgrade 4 (Past)

This upgrade is located on your way to the Garden Tower.

After you open the gate and see a small cut scene that shows you the path ahead, go to the room and look for the gap in fencing right at the end of it. You can drop down on a platform and a bit of a wall-run to the other side. Make your way in and further down to get the Fourth Life Upgrade!

Make sure you take it asap! It will be locked when the game reaches a certain level..!

Life Upgrade 5 (Past)

This upgrade is in the last room of the Garden Tower.

When you activate the Turnstile to make the water flow through all portals, wall-run up to the top where you see a door. Inside is the Fifth Life Upgrade!

You can come to this point any time till you have the access to this tower.

Life Upgrade 6 (Past)

This upgrade is located just through the Entrance of the Clock Tower.

As you go towards the Tower, you'll see a Golem throwing Explosives at you. Walk toward the right and make him throw those explosives on the wall. This will open up a room where a save point is located. Similarly, on your left is the way to your Sixth Life Upgrade!

Make sure you get this upgrade at the First Go. You won't get it after this point!

Life Upgrade 7 (Past)

This upgrade is located on your journey to the Library.

After you gain the Scorpion Sword and defeat a relatively tough Golem, there's a ladder that leads the Prince to a room. This room has 2 breakable doors! Behind the one on your Right is a Switch that leads you to the Seventh Upgrade that is located behind the last door on the Left just before the main Exit which is already open. You need to use a Slow Time for this.

You can get this one afterwards too if you miss it the first time but I recommend you do it in your first go as this is a challenging one as far as the obstacles are concerned..!

Life Upgrade 8 (Past)

This upgrade is located in the Library.

There will be a short cut scene that will show you the way out of the library. When you cross all the hurdles and reach on one of those tow circular beams / ledges, you'll need to fight a Ninja. Once you slash her, jump to the next circular beam. There's a door on the opposite side. Go through it for the Eighth Upgrade!

Life Upgrade 9 (Past)

This upgrade is situated through the balcony in the hall before the Sacrificial Altar.

After passing the Library and reaching the platform device room once more, turn the switch in the room to the 6 o'clock (original) position to reach the balcony above the entrance. This is back when the Prince was chasing the girl in black. Take the same route and locate the room where the first ninja on a ledge/beam was encountered. Climb the floors and inspect each of the gates in the corner floor sections; one is conspicuously cracked with a box past it. This box can be pulled out (after the gate is busted) to allow the Prince to access the life-upgrade hallway.

Now that you have all the 9 Life Upgrades, you can get the Water Sword and set up a fight with the Dahaka!